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Peleshyan, Artavazd

Born - 22.02.1938 in Leninakan (now Gyumri).
Till 1963 he lived in Kirovakan (now Vanadzor). 1963-67 - studied at the Directing Department of VGIK (L.Christie's master-class). Even the films shot during his student years, were awarded numerous prizes and he gained wide recognition among cinematographers. 1971 - co-director in L.Kulidjanov's "Star Minute," directed documentary segment in A.Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky's "Sibiriada." He is the author of a range of theoretical works, among which the "Distance Editing" is a new step in the development of editing theory. 1988 - published book "My Cinema." In his films has removed the borders of feature and documentary films, editing both sequences as a real poetical unity.

1964 - Mountain Patrol (Yerevan Chronicle-Documentary Film Studio)
1966 - Earth of People (VGIK Film Studio, Yerevan Chronicle-Documentary Film Studio)
1967 - The Beginning (VGIK Film Studio, Yerevan Chronicle-Documentary Film Studio
1969 - We (Yerevan Studio)
1970 - Inhabitants, (Minsk Film Studio)
1971 - Autumn Pastoral, script, (Yerevan Chronicle-Documentary Film Studio)
1975 - Seasons, (Yerevan Chronicle-Documentary Film Studio)
1982 - Our Century, (Yerevan Chronicle-Documentary Film Studio)
1984 - The God in Russia, (co-dir. R.Tsurtsumiya, Centrnauchfilm Studio,Moscow)
1985 - Colors of an Autumn Market, (Yerevan Chronicle-Documentary Film Studio)
1992-93 - Life, (Armenfilm)
1994 - The End, (Hayk)