Supported by Ministry of Culture of RA

Happening in St. Louis

1932, Haykino, 60min(1650m), b/w, silent
Screening certificate: March 15, 1932
First teatrical screening: April 24, 1932

Scr.: S. Yermolinsky,(idea by: Ye. Chubar), Dir.: M. Verner, Dir. of Phot.: K. Vents, Art Dir.: V. Aden, Prod. Manag.: N. Baghdoyan
Cast: Albert Lomm – I. Kozlov, Meline – M. Chmshkyan, Khecho – S. Mkrtchyan, Zaven – A. Chorjalyan, Worker – K. Sargsyan, Plant Owner – V. Ginzburg, Dashnak – B. Kerobyan, Drug Addict – M. Frolov, Apash – V. Tsoppy.

Armenian refugees in France try to organize a public screening of a film about the Soviet Armenia, together with the French members of an underground organization.