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1928, Haykino, 66min. (1820m), b/w, silent, the film has not been screened.
Scr. P.Folyan, S.Manukyan, Dir. S.Manukyan, Dir. of Phot. A.Stanke, A.Balukhtin, Art Dir. M.Arutchyan, Prod.Manag. Kh.Abrahamyan.
Cast: H.Nersisyan, V.Vardanyan, T.Ayvazyan, A.Kefchyan, A.Ovanesova, A.Martirosyan, S.Demuryan, G.Sevacheryan.

Hashim, an Azeri soldier, realized after he appears in a prison with bolsheviks, his enemiesare not the Armenians he used to fight against, but the rich, who incite the conflict between Azeries and Armenians.