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Lazybones, The

1932, Haykino, comedy, 52min. (1433m), b/w, silent
First teatrical screening: 05.11.1932.
Scr./Dir. I.Perestiani, Dir. of Phot. B.Zavelev, Art Dir. S.Taryan, Prod.Manag. Kh.Abrahamyan, Scr. Consultant G.Chakhiryan.
Cast: Stepanyan – H.Khachanyan, his mother – N.Manucharyan, chairman of “gortzkom” (executive committee) – Kh.Abrahamyan, worker – A.Amirbekyan, director – S.Markosyan, engineer – S.Moiseyenko.

The influence of the collective environment reforms a drunkard and an idler.