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Looking for the Addressee

1955, Yerevan Film Studio, 81 min. (2210 m), color
First teatrical screening: 19.12.1955.
Scr. M.Yerznkyan, S.Shatrov, Dir. Yu.Yerznkyan, A.Martirosyan, Dir. of Phot. G.Aramyan, Zh.Vardanyan, Art Dir. P.Beytner, Compos. A.Babajanyan, Sound N.Jalalyan, First Asst.Dir. G.Musheghyan, Make-up L.Kuznetsova, Cost.Des. S.Andranikyan, Edit. V.Isahakyan, text of the songs by N.Adamyan, Conductors V.Lyudvikovsky, K.Orbelyan, Creative Adviser M.Romm, Prod.Manag. L.Stepanyan.
Cast: Ruben – S.Sosyan, Natasha – L.Shagalova, Brutyan – Khor.Abrahamyan, Suren Petrovitch – D.Malyan, Ashot – L.Dovlatyan, Manush – M.Simonyan, Grigor Khristophorovitch – L.Zohrabyan, Gasparyan – H.Nersisyan, tamada – T.Saryan, Arevik – V.Varderesyan, shoe-maker – M.Kostanyan, “discoverer” – Gen (G.Shahnazaryan), Petros – O.Buniatyan, seller – A.Nersisyan.

Products of poor quality released by a sewing factory get to a department store and are sold because the chief engineer of the factory and the head of the respective section of the department store are close friends. Love for a woman makes the head of the department store realize his mistake.