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Waters Rise, The

1962, Hayfilm Studio, drama, 70min. (1944m), b/w.
Scr. Kh.Gyulnazaryan, Dir. M.Hakobyan, Dir. of Phot. S.Gevorgyan, Art Dir. H.Mekinyan, Compos. A.Harutyunyan, Sound E.Vanunts, First Asst.Dir. R.Martirosyan, Cost.Des. G.Arakelyan, Make-up Kh.Zahalyan, Visual Effects: Cam. Ye.Setyan, Des. H.Hovhannisyan; Edit. G.Miloserdova, Prod.Manag. K.Hovhannisyan.
Cast: Norair – A.Jigarkhanyan, Anahit – L.Kirakosyan, Baregham – A.Kajvoryan, Ashkhen – V.Mirijanyan, Arev – M.Simonyan, Hamo – V.Ohanjanyan, Melonts varzhapet – O.Buniatyan, Heriknaz – M.Karapetyan.

Arev, the head of a collective farm, doesn’t trust the farmers, doesn’t agree with their opinions, and takes them for idlers. The local communist leader tries to struggle against her, but he is very young and not experienced enough. The new head of the cattle-breeding farm and all the other farmers support him.