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Cliff, The

1973, Hayfilm Studio, drama (based on V.Papazyan’s play of the same name), 94min. (2607m), b/w, wide screen, the first screening – 21.04.1975.
Scr. V.Ajemyan, A.Hayrapetyan, S.Rizaev, Dir. V.Ajemyan, A.Hayrapetyan, Dir. of Phot. S.Israelyan, Art Dir. H.Mekinyan, M.Arakelyan, Compos. A.Ajemyan, Sound V.Chaparyan, First Asst.Dir. N.Tzaturyan, Edit. V.Misakyan, Prod.Manag. S.Petrosyan.
Cast: Grigor-agha – G.Janibekyan, Sahak-agha – H.Avagyan, Horomsim – M.Paronikyan, Alexander – A.Khachatryan, Margarit – Zh.Avetisyan, Matvey Yegorich – M.Kostanyan, Satenik – V.Mirijanyan, Tereza – A.Tumanyan, Baghdasar-ami – V.Marguni, Zakar – G.Aslanyan, Markar – V.Bagratuni, Arshak – H.Fodulyan, Serop – V.Hakobyan, Hairapet – Sos Sargsyan, Galust – A.Jraghatspanyan, Markos – H.Hayrapetyan.
In the episodes: A.Bagratuni, A.Khostikyan, S.Ajab-khanyan, T.Dilakyan.

The film takes us back to the beginning of the 20th century, to a small Armenian village. It tells us about the struggle of Alexander, a lawyer with democratic beliefs, who protects the interests of the workers against Grigor-agha. Even his love towards Grigor-agha's daughter does not make him yield and give up his beliefs. He is doomed to be exiled.