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Here, on this Crossroads

1974, Hayfilm Studio, drama, 86min. (2374m), b/w, wide screen, the first screening – 19.11.1975.
Scr. M.Mnatsakanyan (co-Scr. K.Gevorgyan), Dir. K.Gevorgyan, Dir. of Phot. A.Yavuryan, Art Dir. H.Karapetyan, Compos. T.Mansuryan, Sound V.Chaparyan, First Asst.Dir. Rom.Zhamharyan, Cam. M.Khanamiryan, Cost.Des. G.Nalchajyan, Make-up P.Aschyan, Sec.Asst.Dir. A.Aharonyan, L.Davtyan, Asst.Cam. S.Sargsyan, Visual Effects: Cam. G.Hayrapetov, Des. H.Hovhannisyan; Edit. G.Miloserdova, Scr.Edit. M.Stamboltsyan, Prod.Manag. Yu.Martirosyan, Creative Adviser L.Trauberg.
Cast: Mukuch – A.Sherents, Petros – R.Saroyan, Karo – F.Asatryan, Andranik – G.Sarafyan, Nina – Ye.Demidenko, Shavarsh – A.Hayrapetyan, “professor” – A.Vruyr, Mukuch’s wife – V.Mirijanyan, Andranik’s mother – G.Novents.
In the episodes: V.Mirzoyan, A.Santrosyan, A.Mekinyan.

The film depicts five workers who are laying a street in one of the new districts of Yerevan. A complex relationship binds them. Each of them has his character and his destiny. The film touches upon common social problems on a private level.