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Place under the Sun, A

1975, Hayfilm Studio, film for children, 64min. (1770m), color, first screening – 25.08.1976.
Scr. K.Mints, Dir. A.Babayan, Dir. of Phot. A.Kaznin, Art Dir. A.Shakaryan, Compos. M.Vardazaryan, Sound N.Kuznetsov, First Asst.Dir. A.Samvelyan, Cost.Des. G.Isayan, Make-up V.Rumyantseva, Set Des. M.Antonyan, Sec.Asst.Dir. E.Gevorgyan, Asst.Cam. S.Ormanyan, S.Sargsyan, Edit. V.Vasilieva, M.Saroyan, Scr.Edit. T.Dashtents, Prod.Manag. L.Kostina.
Author of the text – V.Voytetsky, the text performed by Sos Sargsyan (Armenian version) and Z.Gerdt (Russian version).
Animal trainers – N.Stepchenko, V.Olkhovikova, M.Postelnikova.
Cast: Anush Stepanovna – V.Tamrazyan, Artashes – V.Chaldranyan, sheperd – A.Marutyan, clown – A.Babayan.
In the episodes: A.Geodakyan, A.Khostikyan, M.Karapetyan, A.Tkachenko, S.Shahinyan, K.Martirosyan, R.Martirosyan, T.Mnatsakanyan, S.Hovsepyan.

 A teacher, Anush, and her son get four puppies. Each of the puppies has his own destiny. One of them becomes a circus actor, another – a shepherd’s assistant, the third serves on the border and the fourth one, the most lighthearted and careless, is severely punished.