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End of the Game, The

1978, Hayfilm Studio (in association with Debute/Mosfilm Studio), film-fable (based on J.Cortazar’s story), 21min. (585m), color.
Scr. V.Yezhov, Dir. M.Panosyan, Dir. of Phot. G.Avagyan, First Asst.Dir. L.Nakhshkaryan, Edit. I.Mikayelyan, Scr.Edit. V.Khotulyov, Prod.Manag. G.Karapetyan.
Cast: Anahit – E.Panosyan, Areg – A.Kirakosyan, Karine – A.Avetisyan, Marine – A.Mikayelyan, mother – G.Novents, Aunt Emma – Z.Khosrovyan, dancing teacher – R.Jrbashyan.

This is a parable about children, whose strange games seem to reflect the lives of adults.