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Snow in Black

1978, Hayfilm Studio, psychological drama (based on H.Troyat’s novel, financed by Moscow Central TV), 76min. (2108m), color, premiere – 12.01.1979.
Scr./Dir. Yu.Yerznkyan, Dir. of Phot. G.Hayrapetov, A.Yavuryan, Art Dir. V.Podpomogov, Compos. T.Mansuryan, Sound V.Bryunchugin, Yu.Sayadyan, First Asst.Dir. Ed.Martirosyan, R.Khostikyan, Cam. A.Dav-tyan, P.Nazaryan, Cost.Des. L.Gevorgyan, Make-up E.Hakhverdyan, Sec.Asst.Dir. L.Yerznkyan, A.Tadevosyan, V.Hayrapetyan, Edit. H.Melkonyan, S.Vatinyan, Scr.Edit. A.Topchyan, Prod.Manag. V.Ghochikyan.
Starring: Isay – A.Jigarkhanyan, Marseline – G.Manukyan, Maria Lavallu – M.Bulgakova, Indian girl – A.Asilmuratova.

A plane crashes in the mountains. Marseline, an adventurer, persuades his brother to go to the mountains and rob the dead passengers. In the mountains the heroes are faced with a difficult moral choice.