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Best Man, The

1979, Hayfilm Studio, cinema-almanac (financed by Moscow Central TV), 71min. (1967m), color, premiere – 03.06.1979.

a. World in the Mirror / Ashkharhe Hayelu Mej

– (based on G.Keshishyan’s story), 21min. (575m).
Scr. K.Kafieva, V.Danielyan, Dir. V.Danielyan, Dir. of Phot. A.Mirakyan, Art Dir. M.Antonyan, Compos. D.Azaryan, Sound I.Ordukhanyan, Scr.Edit. D.Muradyan, Prod.Manag. M.Piloyan.
Cast: H.Alaverdyan, G.Khachikyan, A.Postijyan.

The film is about one day in the life of a taxi driver who is ready to share the troubles of his passengers.

b. The Visit / Aytselutyun
– (based on G.Keshishyan’s story), 20min. (570m).
Scr. A.Verdyan, Dir. H.Iskudaryan, Dir. of Phot. G.Hay-rapetov, Art Dir. L.Gevorgyan, Compos. H.Melikyan, Sound A.Drozhenko, Edit. I.Mikayelyan, Scr.Edit. D.Muradyan, Prod.Manag. N.Asatryan.
Cast: M.Kechoghlyan, A.Papyan.

A young couple arrives in a remote village to visit their aging parents.

c. The Road of Return / Veradardzi Ughin
– (based on M.Slutskis’s story), 30min. (822m).
Scr. V.Meliksetyan, Dir. R.Gevorgyants, Dir. of Phot. Yu.Babakhanyan, Art Dir. A.Shakaryan, Compos. Ar.Satyan, Sound K.Kurdiyan, Scr.Edit. D.Muradyan, Prod.Manag. R.Poghosyan.
Cast: K.Armenyan, R.Makaryan, K.Janibekyan.

A man and a woman, who have already lost interest in each other, are forced to stay at a stranger’s house on their way to town. That very night awakens the feelings that had fallen into a slumber long ago.