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All the Ages are Humble

1980, Hayfilm Studio, cinema-almanac (financed by Moscow Central TV), 66min. (1827m), color, premiere – 25.04.1981.

a. Mother’s House / Mor Tune
– (based on V.Petrosyan’s story), 28min. (776m).
Scr./Dir. G.Melkonyan, Dir. of Phot. M.Vardanov, Art Dir. L.Gevorgyan, Compos. A.Boyamyan, Sound A.Drozhenko, First Asst.Dir. R.Mkrtchyan, Sec.Asst. Dir. Zh.Barsoyan, Edit. G.Miloserdova, Scr.Edit. D.Muradyan, Prod.Manag. N.Asatryan.
Cast: N.Shirvanyan, E.Petrosyan, T.Hovhannisyan, R.Mkrtchyan, M.Kostanyan, R.Yesayan.

A man, who has not visited his native town for many years, arrives there to visit his mother. He cannot find her for a long time because many people need her help.

b. Stars of Our Yard / Mer Baki Astghere
– 20min. (545m).
Scr. H.Malyan, Dir. V.Danielyan, Dir. of Phot. A.Mirakyan, Art Dir. M.Arakelyan, Compos. Ar.Satyan, Sound Yu.Sayadyan, Edit. G.Miloserdova, Scr.Edit. D.Muradyan, Prod.Manag. N.Asatryan.
Cast: pupils of Yerevan schools.
Text performed by Khor.Abrahamyan.

This is a film for children about a football team. Their loyal girlfriends inspire them to play.

c. Day, Awaited so Long / Aydkan Spasvogh Ore
– (based on D.Parker’s story), 18min. (506m).
Scr. A.Verdyan, V.Grigoryan, Dir. Ed.Martirosyan, Dir. of Phot. M.Shahbazyan, Art Dir. F.Yeghiazaryan, Compos. H.Melikyan, Sound T.Kurdiyan, Cost.Des. K.Andranikyan, First Asst.Dir. A.Tadevosyan, H.Hako-byan, Cam. K.Kyureghyan, Make-up T.Margaryan, Visual Effects: Cam. S.Martirosyan, Des. H.Hovhannisyan; Edit. G.Miloserdova, Scr.Edit. D.Muradyan, Prod.Manag. N.Asatryan.
Cast: V.Gevorgyan, K.Jangiryan.

This lyrical drama is about the hardships of love. A husband/geologist returns home from a long trip, however, he is sent away immediately on another trip.