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Happening in July, A

1982, Hayfilm Studio, comedy, 20min. (571m), color.
Scr. R.Aghajanyan, G.Kevorkov, Dir. G.Kevorkov, Dir. of Phot. R.Vatinyan, Art Dir. G.Manukyan, Compos. A.Smbatyan, Sound A.Drozhenko, First Asst.Dir. K.Boryan, Cam. H.Hovhannisyan, Sec.Asst.Dir. V.Asat-ryan, Asst.Cam. G.Khoshabaev (Khachatryan), Edit. S.Jonyan, Prod.Manag. L.Muradyan.
Cast: L.Sarkisov, G.Novents, E.Gasparyan, K.Yeritsyan, A.Bayatyan.

A man falls from the fifth floor of a building but isn’t hurt. The doctor says that when he fell he seemed to turn into a bird. To amuse the people around him, he tries to fly, but in vain. But then he really flies…