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Master, The

1983, Hayfilm Studio, drama (based on H.Matevosyan’s novel of the same name), 100min. (2759m), color, wide screen, premiere – 20.12.1983.
Scr. H.Matevosyan, Dir. B.Hovhannisyan, Dir. of Phot. G.Avagyan, Art Dir. L.Gevorgyan, Compos. T.Mansuryan, Sound Yu.Sayadyan, First Asst.Dir. L.Davtyan, Cam. K.Ayvazyan, Cost.Des. M.Maksapetyan, Make-up E.Hakhverdyan, Sec.Asst.Dir. F.Abgaryan, V.Badasyan, Asst.Cam. S.Hambardzumyan, Visual Effects: Cam. S.Martirosyan, Des. H.Hovhannisyan; Edit. L.Yeryomenko, Scr.Edit. N.Ohanyan, Prod.Manag. S.Melkonyan.
Starring: Rostom – Khor.Abrahamyan.
Cast: Rostom’s wife – A.Ghukasyan, Rostom’s sister – G.Novents, woman from the city – M.Hakobyan, director – H.Galoyan, Senik – K.Janibekyan, Albert – V.Artzrunyan, Felix – H.Martirosyan, Maro’s daughter – N.Kaytmazyan, boy with a bycicle – A.Chobanyan, the new head of the forestry – Yu.Grigoryan, driver – A.Adamyan.
In the episodes: M.Simonyan, K.Barseghyan, V.Grigoryan, A.Khachatryan, A.Santrosyan, R.Ghevondyan, A.Karyan, A.Vermishev, P.Vardanyan, A.Baghdasaryan.

The film is about a forest ranger, who inherited, from his ancestors, a feeling that there is a constant link with the one who granted us the riches of nature. He also inherited a feeling of responsibility towards nature and toward the one to whom we will have to leave all our riches when we die.