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1985, Hayfilm Studio (in association with Debute/Mosfilm Studio), drama, 30min. (831m), b/w-color, premiere – 01.03.1986.
Scr. R.Hovsepyan, Dir. V.Chaldranyan, Dir. of Phot. V.Petrosyan, Art Dir. V.Sedrakyan, Compos. A.Terteryan, Sound Yu.Sayadyan, Prod.Manag. Kh.Samarjyan.
Cast: K.Janibekyan, A.Ghukasyan, L.Nersisyan, Z.Ter-Karapetyan, A.Stepanyan.

The film takes place in a small mountainous Armenian village on the 24th of April, the Memorial Day of the Armenian genocide of 1915. The heroes of the film, their descendants, who had bearly escaped the massacre, recollect the episodes of national history and carry their memories on to their children and grandchildren.