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On the Bottom

1987, Yerevan Studio, drama (based on M.Gorky’s play), 140min. (3900m), color, premiere – 09.10.1987.
Scr./Dir. F.(M.)Mkrtchyan, Dir. of Phot. L.Atoyants, Art Dir. R.S.Babayan, Compos. A.Boyamyan, Sound H.Hakobyan, First Asst.Dir. P.Dnoyan, Cam. K.Ba-bayan, Cost.Des. A.Grigoryan, Make-up Kh.Zahalyan, Edit. A.Poghosyan, Scr.Edit. T.Dashtents, Prod.Manag. R.Nersisyan.
Starring: Satin – Sos Sargsyan, Baron – F.(M.)Mkrtchyan, Actor – V.Msryan, Ledy – T.Hovhannisyan.
Cast: K.Janibekyan, A.Topchyan, A.Khachatryan, A.Sherents, H.Hayrapetyan, A.Sargsyan, A.Martirosyan, V.Yeghshatyan, A.Khostikyan, E.Petrosyan, H.Alaver-dyan, S.Mkrtchyan, M.Janibekyan.

The action of the film takes us to the lowest layers of society, the very bottom. It depicts a shelter, in which the inhabitants are in an everyday struggle for survival, which is from time to time interrupted by desperate quarrels about the meaning of life.