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Three of Us

1987, Hayfilm Studio, cinema-almanac (based on A.Ayvazyan’s stories), 88min. (2436m), color, premiere – 08.04.1988.

a. Illusion / Patrank
 – 30min. (824m).
Scr. A.Ayvazyan, Dir. D.Kesayants, Dir. of Phot. Sh.Vardanyan, Art Dir. L.Gevorgyan, Compos. Yu.Harutyunyan, Sound A.Kesayan, First Asst.Dir. N.Poghosyan, Cam. A.Mkrtchyan, Cost.Des. A.Gogoryan, Set Des. A.Tadevosyan, Make-up P.Aschyan, Sec.Asst.Dir. A.Avetisyan, Asst.Cam. A.Mirimanyan, R.Gasparyan, Edit. R.Arutchyan, Scr.Edit. S.Sarukhanyan, Prod. Manag. G.Markosyan.
Starring: Yu.Kostanyan.
Cast: I.Gharibyan, A.Marutyan, M.Petrosyan, L.Gevorgyan, A.Ghazaryan, P.Kocharyan, E.Hambardzumyan, H.Kostanyan.

This film is about a man who lived in the world of his sick imagination.

b. The Word / Khosk
 – 20min. (548m).
Scr. A.Ayvazyan, Dir. G.Melkonyan, Dir. of Phot. L.Atoyants, Art Dir. G.Babayan, Compos. Yu.Harutyunyan, Sound Yu.Sayadyan, First Asst.Dir. F.Abgaryan, Cam. K.Ayvazyan, Cost.Des. G.Gevorgyan, Make-up E.Movsisyan, Sec.Asst.Dir. G.Grigoryan, Asst.Cam. S.Grigoryan, Edit. K.Arakelyan, Scr.Edit. S.Sarukhanyan, admin. crew: A.Amirkhanyan, A.Grigoryan, Prod. Manag. G.Nahapetyan.
Cast: M.Poghosyan, T.Hovhannisyan, V.Mirijanyan, A.Papyan, H.Alaverdyan, K.Janibekyan, A.Khachatryan, A.Geodakyan, A.Gasparyan, Yu.Amiryan, V.Stepanyan, T.Voskanyan, K.Markosyan, L.Sarkisov, A.Abrahamyan, N.Davidyants.

A plane is ready to take off. But such awful words are heard that all the pilots are afraid to take off ¬ – for fear of exploding. The last passenger manages to relieve all of the fear with happy, cheerful words.

c. Action / Gortzoghutyun
 – 38min. (1064m).
Scr./Dir. A.Ayvazyan, Dir. of Phot. M.Vardanov, Art Dir. G.Torosyan, Compos. Yu.Harutyunyan, Sound Yu.Sayadyan, First Asst.Dir. Zh.Barsoyan, Cam. M.Khanamiryan, Cost.Des. G.Dilanyan, Set Des. V.Panosyan, Make-up A.Aghajanyan, Sec.Asst.Dir. A.Bakhtamyan, Z.Shamilova, Asst.Cam. N.Matinyan, Edit. G.Miloserdova, Scr.Edit. E.Payazatyan (Payazat), Admin. A.Sarukhanyan, Prod.Manag. V.Ghazaryan.
Starring: G.Gharagyozyan.
Cast: V.Artzrunyan, S.Mkrtchyan, G.Dodozyan, S.Grigoryan, V.Zimenkova, S.Kirakosyan, E.Gasparyan, I.Buzhilova, G.Vardanyan, L.Sarkisov, H.Abrahamyan, G.Hovakimyan, V.Petrosyan.

The film is about a strange village, where strange things happen. An abstract hero from the village wanders through the mountains and holds strange conversations with the people around him.