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White Night for the Blind Courier

1989, Oferta / Konkordia Production (in association with the Union of Armenian Cooperators), film-fable, 73min. (2022m), b/w.
Prod. E.Duka, A.Hovhannisyan, Scr. E.Virapyan, Dir. E.Virapyan, A.Khudoyan, Dir. of Phot. A.Khachatryan, Art Dir. A.Mnatsakanyan, Sound N.Stratanovich, Cam. A.Adilkhanyan, Edit. L.Pozdnyakova, Scr.Edit. L.Oloresku, R.Khachatryan, R.Sukiasyan.
Starring: R.Hermon-Araks.
Cast: Z.Virapyan, V.Nikoghosyan, M.Simonyan, L.Amirkhanyan, S.Hovhannisyan, A.Stepanyan, R.Karapetyan, A.Poghosyan, A.Hayrapetyan, H.Panosyan, A.Babakhanyan, K.Babakhanyan, S.Soghomonyan, S.Shahbazyan, A.Shahbazyan, S.Poghosyan.

This is a film about trust and distrust, and the incomprehensibility of the essence of life.