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Wind of Oblivion

1989, Hayfilm Studio, drama, 97min. (2696m), color, premiere – 09.03.1990.
Scr. M.Stamboltsyan, H.Khachatryan, Dir. H.Khachatryan, Dir. of Phot. V.Petrosyan, Art Dir. A.Hovsepyan, music by A.Terteryan, Sound A.Kesayan, First Asst.Dir. H.Baghdasaryan, M.Stamboltsyan, Cam. A.Davtyan, Sec.Asst.Dir. N.Hovhannisyan, Asst.Cam. A.Mirimanyan, Edit. G.Hamalbashyan, Scr.Edit. G.Hakhverdyan, Prod. Manag. M.Alexanyan, author of the songs R.Hakhverdyan.
Starring: Ruben – R.Hakhverdyan, Plyush – G.Aghekyan.
Cast: V.Ananyan, H.Khachatryan, R.Stepanyan, L.Avetisyan, L.Gomolko, G.Yepiskoposyan, R.Khachatryan, A.Yeghikyan, V.Chaldranyan, M.Poghosyan, V.Msryan, A.Khachatryan.

Two friends decide to visit people who had left Armenia long ago and appeared in Moscow, Tallinn, and Siberia in search of happiness and their own better welfare.