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Three Sailors in a Hot Desert

1991, Hayfilm (Armenfilm) Studio, film-fable, 56min. (1565m), color.
Scr. G.Babayan, Dir. S.Avetisyan, Dir. of Phot. A.Yavuryan, Art Dir. A.Karapetyan, Compos. A.Tovmasyan, Sound G.Kuntsev, Asst.Dir. A.Melkumyan, L.Krbashyan, A.Grigoryan, Cam. A.Davtyan, R.Gasparyan, Cost.Des. M.Sargsyan, Make-up N.Khachatryan, Edit. I.Mikayelyan, Scr.Edit. H.Beyleryan, Prod. Manag. G.Harutyunyan, D.Varzhapetyan, E.Movsisyan.
Starring: E.Ter-Danielyan, V.Martirosyan, S.Nersisyan, H.Gasparyan, R.Vardanyan.

This is a fable about a recluse, who betrays himself and his promise. This causes him to refuse his life’s mission as well. This fable is about each of us and how we betray ourselves.