Supported by Ministry of Culture of RA

Voice from Without, A

1992, produced by Hayas Ltd., experimental, 28min. (776m), color.
Prod. G.Maghakyan, Scr./Dir./Art Dir. H.Boyajyan, Dir. of Phot. V.Ter-Hakobyan, Compos. A.Gevorgyants, Sound E.Vanunts, Edit. H.Boyajyan, V.Ter-Hakobyan, Prod.Manag. A.Barseghyan.
Cast: M.Janibekyan, G.Grigoryan.

All around are shining images and the soul comes through the diversity of incorporeal images. Rows of visual images compose something more than just functional episodes and merge into an integrated harmony. At the same time the images themselves are created by means of color linguistics and the color bears a linguistic burden.