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Whims of the Day

1992, Aysor Studio, drama, 96min. (2650m), color.
Prod./Scr. V.Hayrapetyan, Dir. V.Hayrapetyan, M.Barse-ghyan, Dir. of Phot. G.Avagyan, A.Ghambaryan, Compos. A.Torosyan, Sound Yu.Sayadyan, A.Sahakyan, Cam. R.Gasparyan, Asst.Dir./Prod.Manag. A.Avetisyan.
Starring: A.Sargsyan, R.Malayan, A.Gevorgyan.
In the episodes: M.Barseghyan, L.Barseghyan.

The film depicts an episode from the lives of contemporary students. The events of the story are not unusual for students of that age, when they are predisposed to love, act and do different things, all of which have their consequences.