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Ancient Gods

1993, produced by Mitre, drama (based on L.Shant’s play of the same name), 92min. (2539m), color.
Prod. S.Arakelov, E.Grigoryan, A.Khachatryan, Scr./Dir. A.Kajvoryan, Dir. of Phot. R.Balasanyan, Art Dir. A.Papanyan, Compos. A.Terteryan, Sound K.Kurdiyan.
Cast: R.Adomaitis, H.Harutyunyan, M.Ghukasyan, V.Msryan, G.Manukyan, E.Sevunts.

The film is about a young monk who gets to know the real world and wants to escape into that world. He thinks that this world is in the sea, where he falls in love with the daughter of the prince, while saving her life.