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1993, Hayfilm (Armenfilm) Studio, psychological drama (based on R.Hovsepyan’s story of the same name), 16min. (450m), color.
Scr./Dir. D.Dovlatyan, Dir. of Phot. V.Ter-Hakobyan, Sound A.Vanunts, Prod.Manag. N.Aharonyan.
Cast: Khor.Abrahamyan, H.Ghazanchyan, A.Harutyunyan.

The world flood is the retribution for human sins. Noah is chosen by God to survive the flood and is saved. Why was he chosen, what principle underlies the choice? Why did God choose Noah, an old village man, in whose family there are so many problems with his son and daughter-in-law, and who seems to be so far from the mystical world?