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Sister From Los Angeles

1994, Zhapaven Studio (in association with BFC Inc., USA), comedy, 76min. (2100m), color.
Prod. G.Vardanyan, R.Gevorgyants, Scr. A.Kalantaryan, Dir. R.Gevorgyants, G.Kevorkov, Dir. of Phot. Yu.Babakhanyan, Art Dir. M.Gizgizyan, Compos. Yu.Harutyunyan, Sound A.Vanunts, First Asst.Dir. L.Gasparyan, Cam. H.Hovhannisyan, Make-up V.Asatryan, Cost.Des. L.Gevorgyan, Asst. V.Kevorkov (Gevorgyants), S.Grigoryan, L.Grigoryan, L.Saroyan, Edit. G.Hamalbashyan, Scr.Edit. D.Muradyan, Prod. Manag. K.Ghukasyan.
Cast: A.Ghazaryan, L.Sharafyan, A.Petrosyan, L.Sargsyan, A.Khostikyan, Yu.Amiryan, L.Sarkisov, E.Gasparyan, D.Hakobyan, M.Gabrielyan, R.Harutyunyan.

Hrant, a big mob leader, decides to kidnap his rival Armen’s sister in order to blackmail him. Instead Hrant’s assistant kidnaps, under extraordinary circumstances, Armen himself, the rival, who was dressed as a woman… The lie is soon exposed but Hrant is no longer a cruel man. Armen’s influence has changed him. At the end of the film, Hrant falls in love with Armen’s sister.