Supported by Ministry of Culture of RA

Hope of Death

1998, Hayfilm (Armenfilm) Studio (in association with E-film Studio), drama (based on Charles Bodler’s book of poems “Flowers of Evil”), 20min. (554m), b/w.
Scr./Dir. G.Ghazare, Dir. of Phot. S.Amirkhanyan, Compos. V.Grigoryan, Sound A.Kesayan, Edit. S.Vatinyan, Prod.Manag. G.Ghazaryan.
Cast: Sh.Danielyan, G.Ghazaryan, S.Khachatryan, R.Arakelyan, K.Amirkhanyan, V.Ghazaryan.

The film reflects the complex and tragic realities of Yerevan, Armenia, during the period 1992-1995. The film addresses eternal values – love in its cosmic understanding and common to all mankind.