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Merry Bus, A

2000, Hayfilm (Armenfilm) Studio, tragicomedy, 110min. (3046m), color.
Scr.: A.Mkrtchyan, M.A.Mkrtchyan, Dir. A.Mkrtchyan, Dir. of Phot. R.Vatinyan, Art Dir. D.Sedrakyan, Compos. Yu.Harutyunyan, Sound Yu.Sayadyan, First Asst.Dir. S.Usepyan, Cam. M.Khanamiryan, Cost.Des. M.Maksapetyan, Make-up N.Khachatryan, Sec.Asst.Dir.: A.Baghdasaryan, Sh.Movsisyan, Asst.Cam. K.Hovhannisyan, Edit.: S.Gabrielyan, L.Saroyan, Scr.Edit. D.Muradyan, admin. crew: V.Tovmasyan, S.Grigoryan, Prod.Manag. A.Harutyunyan.
Miscellanious crew: A.Drozhenko, G.Margaryan, G.Badalyan, V.Begoyan, A.Musaelyan, V.Makaryan, G.Gevorgyan, Sh.Galstyan, G.Melkonyan, V.Grigoryan.
Starring: A.Harutyunyan (Satenik), Zh.Baghdasaryan (Gagik).
Cast: M.Poghosyan (Khoren), Sos Sargsyan (priest), S.Baghdasaryan (Marus), A.Gasparyan (Garnik), R.Margaryan (Ghazaros).
In the episodes: K.Janjughazyan, F.Grigoryan, H.Kirakosyan, S.Grigoryan, P.Sukiasyan, N.Khachatryan, H.Azizyan, N.Keshishyan, A.Abelyan, G.Malojan, F.Amirkhanyan, A.Kocharyan, N.Bokhyan.

This is typical melodrama, which tells about the events shortly following the devastating earthquake of 1988, which took away thousands of lives and destroyed almost thoroughly a number of Armenian northeastern towns. Among them was the second biggest city in Armenia - Leninakan (Gyumri at present), from where Mkrtchians' family comes. The film depicts a teenager-boy and his teacher, a woman of middle ages - central characters of the film. Both of them lost their families, homes and relatives during the earthquake, but atany rate, they try to find a fulcrum in the world, which turned upside down in one instant. These lost, orphaned people, who saw so much sorrow, torture and lifeless ruins witnessed the death of their families and friends, find their safest refuge in new families.  The teacher, who seemed to grow much older in those few days, wasn't quick to decide to adopt the orphaned child - with a strong character of a grown man.  Gradually she understands that the desperate efforts of the poor boy to construct a new family from chaotic fragments of the former life are the only means of escape for all of them. At the same time the family, as the boy understands it, should be a complete one, i.e., there must be a new father near his new mother. The boy chooses himself a father- notwithstanding the objections of the teacher-that turns to be the favorite of the boy, a blind street musician. This is a story of two lonely people. A story how they meet and become clear to each other. This is a story where despite and hope, tragedy and humor, pain of lose and wheeling ness to survive exist together, next to each other.