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Crazy Angel

2001, Hayfilm (Armenfilm) Studio, drama, 80min. (2215m), b/w-color.
Scr. S.Babayan (co-Scr. A.Hovsepyan), Dir. S.Babayan, Dir. of Phot. A.Mirakyan, Art Dir. V.Sedrakyan, Compos. Yu.Harutyunyan, Sound Yu.Sayadyan, First Asst.Dir. K.Boryan, Cost.Des. N.Aghbalyan, Make-up N.Khachatryan, Sec.Asst.Dir.: T.Iskandaryan, H.Hakobyan, N.Karapetyan, K.Dolukhanyan, Asst.Cam.: E.Vardanyan, K.Hovhannisyan, Edit. K.Arakelyan, Scr.Edit. M.Stamboltsyan, admin. crew: H.Julhakyan, N.Asatryan, G.Karapetyan, Prod.Manag. V.Abovyan.
Miscellanious crew: A.Khachatryan, M.Mesropyan, A.Ajemyan, K.Aslanyan.
Cast: M.Poghosyan (Gabriel), H.Khachatryan (director), V.Msryan (Sahak), K.Janibekyan (Barrabas), S.Babayan (Fred), L.Ghambaryan (Mariam), A.Alexanyan (general), G.Novents (mother), Gabriel's relatives: M.Hamamjyan, L.Zakaryan, A.Babajanyan.
In the episodes: A.Saribekyan, A.Badalov, G.Khachatryan, L.Ghazaryan, V.Papayan, V.Terteryan, E.Avanesyan, B.Lalayan, A.Santrosyan, A.Stepanyan, A.Turchyan, I.Patrik, A.Sargsyan, H.Hovhannisyan, M.Mesropyan, H.Sargsyan, Arevik and Anahit Ohanyans, H.Vanyan, H.Kazhoyan, E.Gasparyan, A.Kocharyan, A.Hovsepyan, Samuel, R.Kocharyan, V.Bastajyan, A.Meloyan, G.Gevorgyan, R.Harutyunyan, M.Melkonyan, M.Hovhannisyan, V.Saroyan, R.Mesropyan.

This is a mystical, psychological drama in the style of a "film about making film". So, a film on biblical theme is being shot. The plot of this film is based on the novel of Pier Lagerkwist called Barrabas (Barrabas who was crucified together with the Christ and who the nation chose to grant pardon to instead of Christ). Film-director can not anyhow find an actor for Jesus Christ's role. Finally, somebody suggests to him a man from a clinic for mentally retarded. Patients from the clinics honor him like a teacher and Messiah as he is propheting Jesus Christ in clinic. The appearance of this person on the film-shooting set reveals at once the falsity and evil of all that going on there and around set, in the real life. The people who have no faith at all and who are in sins up to their ears try to make film about faith, about the Christ. The hero decides to repent for all the sins committed so far. He takes a Cross and drags it along the streets of the contemporary Yerevan. He is taken back to the clinic, where he is really crucified on the table.