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On the Threshold

2002, Hayfilm (Armenfilm) Studio (in association with Yants-Film Studio, France; "Z-Studio"), film-fable, 57min. (1578m), color.
Scr./Dir. L.Sahakyants, Dir. of Phot. H.Kirakosyan, Art Dir. A.Ghazaryan, Anim. V.Mayilyan, music by А.Terteryan, Sound Yu.Harutyunyan, Sound Edit. L.Hakhverdyan, Mix E.Bazanov, Cam.: A.Davtyan, A.Baghdasaryan, Visual Effects V.Zhanov, Make-up H.Stepanyan, Edit.: M.Mikheeva, I.Mikayelyan, S.Stepanyan, Scr.Edit.: V.Hovakimyan, S.Hasmikyan, admin. crew: V.Tovmasyan, A.Tovmasyan, Prod.Manag. A.Harutyunyan.
Solo-duduk J.Gasparyan, Vocal: K.Chalikyan, K.Yezekyan.
Starring R.Adomaitis.
Cast: M.Sargsyan, Z.Sahakyants.
Dubbing: A.Adamyan, R.Kotanjyan, K.Sargsyan, V.Stepanyan, R.Gabrielyan, A.Suze, J.Mufaletto, G.Babayan, W.Weiner, J.Hent, S.Milz.

Is a full-length debut film of the director, shot after a long interval, where the latter combined the technique of animation and feature films. It is a unique synthesis of music, graphics and spatial compositions on the screen. The idea of coming into contact with the historical and spiritual atmosphere that found its reflection in the life and creative art of a famous Armenian composer of the first half of XX century – Komitas-underlies the future film.