Supported by Ministry of Culture of RA


2003г., Hayfilm (Armenfilm) Studio, docudrama, 80min. (2215m), color, premiere – 09.07.2003 (IFF Karlovy Vary).
Scr.: H.Khachatryan, M.Stamboltsyan, V.Gasparyan, Dir. H.Khachatryan, Dir. of Phot. V.Ter-Hakobyan (In Cooperation With A.Mirakyan, L.Petrosyan), Art Dir. V.Sedrakyan, music by A.Terteryan, Sound A.Kesayan (sound editing/mixage made at "Brevis Studio" - manager Yu.Harutyunyan, sound editor L.Hakhverdyan), First Asst.Dir.: H.Baghdasaryan, H.Nersisyan, J.Martirosyan, Make-up N.Khachatryan, Sec.Asst.Dir. T.Iskandaryan, Asst.Cam.: A.Khachatryan, K.Hovhannisyan, R.Gasparyan, Edit. S.Gabrielyan, admin. crew: N.Asatryan, E.Nersisyan, Prod.Manag.: V.Abovyan, M.Mesropyan.
Starring: H.Javazyan {Haroutik}, S.Babayan, K.Kalafatis {Ekmekchyan}, A.Vanunts, S.Ghazaryan, R.Khachatryan, L.Ghazaryan.
As Well As: Beggars, Homelesses, Orphans, Doctors, Prisoners, Filmmakers and Other citizens of Yerevan.

The main hero of the film is the documentary film director, who shoots film with small crew and looks through various plots. His film is compiled of the mosaic of diverse materials, presenting the image of our time and Armenia of the 90s. Children-beggars, disable children left by the parents, newly born children, lost refugees, homeless dogs, which had been shot without pity…
Tragedy of society in transition and transitive time…
And hope born out of despair…