Supported by Ministry of Culture of RA


2004, Hayfilm Studio, 39 min., color
Prod.: G. Gevorgyan, Scr.: Gh. Sirunyan (Co-Writer:
G. Harutyunyan), Dir.: G. Harutyunyan, Dir. of Phot.: S. Amirkhanyan, Music by: A. Gevorgyan, Sound: K. Kurdiyan, Sound Edit.: S. Sargsyan, Make-up: N. Khachatryan, Asst. Dir.: H. Mnatsakanyan, Z. Sardaryan, Cam.: T. Galstyan, Sec. Asst. Dir.: L. Sargsyan, V. Abgaryan, Edit.: R. Stepanyan, Scr. Edit.: A. Tadevosyan, Prod. Manag.: E. Movsisyan.
Leading Actors: R. Ghevondyan, S. Sargsyan.
Supporting Actors: M. Hovhannisyan, A. Avagyan, A. Movsisyan, L. Tovmasyan.
Bit-Part Actors: M. Maltazyan, A. Davoyan, O. Zakaryan, G. Abgaryan, A. Sahakyan, K. Zardaryan, A. Tadevosyan, A. Zohrabyan, Kids – A. Amirkhanyan, A. Tadevosyan, M. Harutyunyan.

The family of a handicapped freedom fighter of the Karabakh war lives in hard social conditions. The veteran and his wife come to the capital of the country to call to their daughter living in Holland. They spend all their money in the city that was meant for a whole month and return to their village, confident they won’t leave their homeland for a better life.