Supported by Ministry of Culture of RA

Black and White Rainbow

2006, Hayfilm Studio (The National Cinema Center of Armenia), 187 min., color
Scr./Dir.: Kh. Chalikyan, Dir. of Phot.: A. Harutyunyan, Art Dir.: A. Bayandur, Music by: A Hovhannes, R. McFerrin, System of a Down, A. Adamyan, Cost. Des.: G. Saribekyan, Edit.: R. Stepanyan, S. Stepanyan, Sound: Y. Sayadyan, A. Drozhenko, K. Zakaryan, Asst. Dir.: M. Gasparyan, Sec. Asst. Dir.: A. Petrosyan, Admin.: Zh. Hovsepyan, Prod. Manag.: V. Melkonyan. Footage of Vangelis concert used in the film.
Leading Actor: Vasil - S. Danielyan.
Supporting Actors: Poliuto – A. Adamyan, Nerses - E. Borisenko, Nvard – A. Tadevosyan, Felix – V. Melkonyan, Albinos – T. Makaryan, Sulla – N. Haykazyan, Severos – M. Vatinyan.

Poliuto, who adopts Christianity, is sentenced to death by the Romans. The execution is to be performed by his father in law. The devil temptation reveals emotions and real attitude to personal and national fate.