Supported by Ministry of Culture of RA

Trace of Light

2006, Hayfilm Studio (The National Cinema Center of Armenia), 25 min. (684 m), color
Scr./Dir./Dir. of Phot.: V. Petrosyan, Art Dir.: Gh. Azatyan, Make-up: A. Aghajanyan, Sound: K. Kurdiyan, Edit./Musical Edit.: T. Petrosyan, Music by: A. Terteryan, K. Matsui, E. Grieg, E. Satie, A. Tobin, Scr. Edit.: A. Tadevosyan, Prod. Manag.: A. Davtyan, Misc Crew: Zh. Hovsepyan, A. Papoyan, M. Antonyan, D. Gevorgyan, H. Vardanyan, G. Mikayelyan, A. Musayelyan, S. Martirosyan, A. Ustyan, H. Kolyan, A. Kostanyan, V. Begoyan, M. Tadevosyan, G. Tadevosyan, D. Gasparyan, N. Gevorgyan, E. Aghajanyan, N. Amiryan.
Leading Actor: T. Minasyan.
Supporting Actors: L. Ghambaryan, L. Grigoryan, R. Khachatryan.
Bit-Part Actors: F. Arshakyan, E. Petrosyan, E. Petrosyan, G. Pepanyan, R. Petrosyan, A. Khachatryan, D. Galstyan.

A ten year old boy picks up grapes left behind by the harvesters to sell them to car passengers on a highway. He spends the money on the movies admiring the screen beauty, but witnessing an intimate relationship between a man and a woman crashes his inner world.