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I’m Here; These Are My Folks…

2006, Hayfilm Studio (The National Cinema Center of Armenia), Bars Media Studio, 44 min., color
Prod.: G. Gevorgyan, V. Hovhannisyan, Scr./Dir.: T. Nalbandyan, Dir. of Phot.: S. Kharazyan, Music by: A.Gevorgyan, Sound: A. Drozhenko, Sound Edit.: L. Alexanyan, Edit.: T. Baghinyan, Admin.: L. Sargsyan,
Sc. Edit.: A. Tadevosyan, Prod. Manag.: E. Movsisyan.
Leading Actors:A. Saghatelyan, A. Hovasapyan.
Supporting Actors: H. Hakobyan, A. Panosyan, A. Arakelyan.
Bit-Part Actors: E. Babajanyan, S. Avetisyan, H. Nalbandyan, R. Simonyan, A. Simonyan, A. Khumaryan,
T. Nalchajyan, M. Petrosyan, H. Nersisyan, A. Papikyan, N. Gevorgyan, F. Petrosyan, M. Barseghyan, A. Gevorgyan, G. Gasparyan, A. Unusyan, N. Avetisyan, H. Melikyan, M. Hakobyan, V. Gasparyan, G. Charyan, G. Aslibekyan, K. Danielyan, A. Harutyunyan, A. Davtyan, T. Mejlumyan, E. Avetisyan, F. Poladyan, A. Karapetyan.

The tough training turns an unsophisticated recruit into a real warrior, who saves a wounded fellow’s life, carrying him away from the battle field.