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Autumn Sun (2006)

2006, Hayfilm Studio (The National Cinema Center of Armenia), (based on the short story The Russian ballerina by Tonino Guerra), 8 min. (219 m), color
Scr./Dir.: D. Kardumyan, Dir. of Phot.: V. Ter-Hakobyan, Sound: Y. Sayadyan, Edit.: S. Stepanyan, Scr. Edit.: G. Stepanyan, Misc. Crew: H. Jahuni, H. Mandunyan, A. Tadevosyan, K. Zakaryan, S. Martirosyan, M. Smbatyan, M. (A.) Tadevosyan, Prod. Manag.: A. Khachatryan, Music by: A. Khachaturyan.
Leading Actors: Ye. Pavlidi, M. Divanyan.
Supporting Actors: R. Muradyan, I. Demedra, A. Margaryan, L. Arakelyan, S. Vardanyan, A. Aharonyan,
A. Kostanyan.

An aged female dancer is excited with the illusion of a young man, following her all the way back home. But is there anybody behind her?