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Ararat: 14 Views

2007, Don Film, Film 21 (The Netherlands), Askarian Film (Germany), supported by Hubert Bals Fund (based on the works Russia by Ivan Bunin and The Ears of the Advisor by Alexander Delfinov), 76 min., color, b/w
Prod.: D. Askarian, N. Hovhannisyan, Scr./Dir./Edit./Art Dir.: D. Askarian, Dir. of Phot.: S. Kharazyan,
Cam.: A. Mamikonyan, Sound.: N. Hovhannisyan, K. van der Knaap, L. Gulyan, Sound Edit.: N. Hovhannisyan, Comp. Edit.: A. Petrosyan, Make-up: L. Sukiasyan, Admin. Crew: V. Badasyan, S. Sharma, Exec. Prod.: N. Hovhannisyan, R. Goosens.
Cast: Numismatist Phil – M. Vatinyan, Yurik – A. Poghosyan, Murderer – S. Tovmasyan, Inspector Duryan – K. Mirijanyan, Ohan – O. Askarian, Lisa – S. Avetisyan, Mother – N. Hovhannisyan, Gang Members – R. Sedrakyan, A. Khachatryan, V. Martoyan, Retired General – D. Askarian, Tax Collector Boryan – G. Rostomyan, Boryan’s Wife – L. Aramyan, Flee Market Girl – V. Hovhannisyan, Inspector Tsaturyan – A. Gasparyan, Policeman – A. Mamikonyan, Disguised Policemen – T. Shahinyan, R. Shahinyan, the Second Friend – G. Hayrapetyan, the Third Friend – V. Badasyan.

A series of murders happen on the slopes of the holy mountain. The gang of burglars kills the numismatists
and Phil. One last victim manages to escape.