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February 25th

2007, Hayfilm Studio (The National Cinema Center of Armenia), 11 min., color
Prod.: A. Azatyan, Scr.: A. Azatyan, Sh. Tadevosyan, Dir.: Sh. Tadevosyan, Cam.: S. Amirkhanyan, Music by: R.E.M., Sound: H. Israyelyan, Asst. Dir.: K. Khosrovyan, Asst. Cam.: H. Gevorgyan, Edit.: A. Sargsyan, Prod. Manag.: A. Harutyunyan.
Cast: V. Babayan, N. Nersisyan.

An obstetrician trying to get to an urgent case at hospital comes across the father of the expected baby, but his car is out of order.