Supported by Ministry of Culture of RA

Farewell to Merine

2007, Hayilm Studio (The National Cinema Center of Armenia), Light Track Studio, 10 min., color
Prod.: G. Gevorgyan, V. Petrosyan, Scr.: M. Beyleryan, Dir.: T. Petrosyan, Dir. of Phot.: V. Petrosyan, Make-up: N. Dallakyan, Asst. Dir.: A. Papoyan, Cam.: G. Mikayelyan, Prod. Manag.: V. Ghazaryan, Text Performed by: V. Mkrtchyan.
Leading Actor: L. Elbakyan.
Supporting Actors: G. Antonyan, L. Mihranyan, A. Sargsyan, V. Ghazaryan.

A film about a young girl’s torments asleep and in reality.