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Anna Karenina

2008, Hayfilm Studio (The National Cinema Center of Armenia), (based on the novel ot the same title by Leo Tolstoy), 28 min., B/W and color
Prod.: G. Gevorgyan, G. Gadachik, Co-Prod.: A. Mkrtchyan (Ronov), N. Antabyan, Scr.: A. Mkrtchyan (Ronov), Ye. Ayvazyan, Dir.: A. Mkrtchyan (Ronov), Dir. of Phot.: R. Gasparyan, Scenography by: V. Stepanyan, Make-up: A. Aghajanyan, Music by: A. Manukyan (Lautrec), E. Grieg, Sound/Edit.: K. Melkumyan, Songs Performed by: H. Baghdasaryan.

Cast: V. Msryan, T. Melkonyan, A. Sedoyan, A. Manukyan.