Supported by Ministry of Culture of RA


2009, Golden Apricot Fund for Cinema Development, Hayfilm Studio (The National Cinema Center of Armenia), Volya Films (The Netherlands), supported by Hubert Bals Fund, 82 min. (2372 m), color
Gen. Prod.: H. Khachatryan, Prod.: G. Gevorgyan, D. Vaslin, Exec. Prod.: H. Hovhannisyan, Dir.: H. Khachatryan (Co-Dir.: R. Khachatryan), Scr.: M. Stamboltsyan, H. Khachatryan, Dir. of Phot.: V. Petrosyan, Art Dir.: A. Sargsyan, Set Des.: H. Hakobyan, Music by: A. Terteryan, Sound: K. Tsaturyan, P. Baghyan, M. Stamboltsyan, H. Israyelyan, A. Kesayan, Cost. Des.: G. Sargsyan, Edit.: H. Khachatryan (with participation of K. Baghinyan), Prod. Manag.: A. Harutyunyan.
Cast: L. Liparityan, M. Mkhitaryan, D. Gasparyan, N. Gasparyan, P. Chakhalyan.

The events in the film develop after the end of military activities in Karabakh. A foreigner of Armenian descent organizes a charitable dinner and a farm in a borderland village, located near the Armenian-Azerbaijani frontier. The villagers once find a she-buffalo stuck in swamp and bring it to the village. But the buffalo would go back to the border...