Supported by Ministry of Culture of RA

Our Yard 2

1998, Sharm, 138 min., color
First screening:1998
Prod.: R. Jaghinyan, G. Nazaryan, A. Ter-Zakaryan, Scr.: E. Ayanyan, S. Mnoyan, K. Kocharyan, A. Tadevosyan, Dir.: M. Dovlatyan, Dir. of Phot.: S. Mkrtchyan, V. Ter-Hakobyan, Art Dir.: D. Sedrakyan, Sound: R. Yepremyan, Edit.: H. Gulyan, Prod. Manag.: A. Mirimanyan.
Cast: H. Tokhatyan, A. Ghazaryan, A. Khostikyan, A. Jigarkhanyan, Z. Aramyan, I. Danielyan, A. Danielyan,
Aramo, Tata and others.

The heroes of the first part of the film reveal new sides of their nature, with the events unfolding beyond
the territory of the familiar yard.