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2004, MJV Company, (based on the play ot the same title by W. Shakespeare), 62 min., color
Prod.: M. Janibekyan, S. Zargaryan, O. Zakaryan, Dir.: M. Janibekyan, Dir. of Phot.: A. Movsisyan, Music by: V. Hayrapetyan, Art Dir.: A. Melikyan, Cost. Des.: H. Babakhanyan, Edit.: K. Baghinyan, Sound: S. Dallakyan, Make-up: R. Arakelyan, Set Des.: A. Grigoryan, Scr. Edit.: A. Tadevosyan, Prod. Manag.: H. Nersisyan.
Leading Actor: M. Janibekyan.
Supporting Actors: S. Maghalyan, L. Janibekyan, G. Gabrielyan, A. Gasparyan, A. Matevosyan, A. Panosyan, V. Khacheryan.

The theater of the Shakespeare times and our days and the cinematography intertwine in the film.