Supported by Ministry of Culture of RA

Inventive Frog, The

1982, Hayfilm Studio, puppet, 10min. (285m), color.
Scr. V.Martirosyan, Dir. G.Martirosyan, Art Dir. A.Bikov, Cam. G.Avagyan, Compos. R.Hakhverdyan, Sound K.Kurdiyan, Anim. V.Shulenin, H.Kirakosyan, Edit. M.Saroyan, Scr.Edit. H.Beyleryan, Prod.Manag. H.Shahapuni.

On its birthday, a frog not only tries to amuse its guests showing its new inventions, but exploits them as well and makes them work. Its friends are disappointed and in the end the frog understands that it was wrong to do this.