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Dovlatyan, Mikael

Born 23.07.1958 in Yerevan.
1977- graduated from the Directing Department of Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute
1981- graduated from the Directing Department of VGIK (A.Stolper's master class). At the student studio of VGIK shot a short film, "Sapienti Sat" (1980), at Barrandow studio (Czech Republic) - "Unhenchback Man Romance," short (1994). Starring in the following films: "Live Long" (1979), "Fire Sparkling in the Night" (1983), "A Lonely Nut-Tree" (1986), "The Thirteenth Apostle" (1987), "Blood" (1990).

1982 - Cry of a Peacock, co-dir. (along with S.Babayan)
1986 - Frunze Dovlatyan, co-script and co-dir. (along with S.Babayan)
1989 - Facing the Wall, co-script, dir.
1995 - Labyrinth, co-script, dir.