Supported by Ministry of Culture of RA

Tale About Sharp Clocks, A

1983, Hayfilm Studio, puppet, 10min. (282m), color.
Scr. V.Grigoryan, Dir. G.Martirosyan, Art Dir. A.Bikov, Cam. D.Nersisyan, Compos. R.Amirkhanyan, Sound K.Kurdiyan, Prod.Manag. K.Ghukasyan.

While putting into operation the small and big hands of a clock in a fairy town two gnomes begin to quarrel. Each of them wants to dominate the other and they quarrel about who is more important. The clock stops and with it, the life of the town stops. In the end, the gnomes understand that each of them depends on the other and that the role of each of them is equally important.